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In connection with Xavier University of Louisiana (Xavier), the Norman C. Francis Leadership Institute (NCFLI) was founded in 2012 to educate and prepare professional men and women for consequential civic engagement and purposeful social responsibility. Inspired by the life and career of Xavier President Norman C. Francis, NCFLI’s core principles are non-partisan and directed toward advancing leadership skills that encompass cultural intelligence, spiritual enlightenment, and a steadfast moral compass.

Named in honor of Dr. Norman C. Francis, the Leadership Institute will be committed to developing a new generation of leaders and their capacity to become socially active, economically empowered, globally-engaged, policy-educated leaders. To accomplish this, the Institute will analyze and synthesize research findings to develop innovative breakthrough strategies that address social and economic policies affecting African- Americans as well as the nation and global markets.


Inaugural class to begin September 2012 on the campus of Xavier University of Louisiana.

Leadership Development

  1. Leadership Skill Building: Participants will receive extensive education and training to enhance their leadership skills and preparation for service in the public or private sectors of society.
  2. Research and Policy Analyses: Participants will analyze research findings related to social and economic issues currently facing African Americans and other racial/ethnic groups. With a primary focus on urban cities, institute participants will examine public policies and their effectiveness, and the methods for best communicating policies to the larger population of effected citizens.
  3. International Training and Partnership: Participants will study and visit foreign countries in order to develop and explore opportunities for partnership and participation in the global economy.


  1. Seminars and Workshops: Taught by experts in the field, Institute seminars and workshops are designed for Institute participants to address specific leadership topics and challenges, research and data synthesis, and economic development.
  2. Speaker Series: The Institute sponsors a public speaker series that brings together national and international leaders in government, economic development, education, and international affairs to address domestic and foreign policy issues.
  3. Roundtables: The Institute Roundtable provides a venue for institute participants to explore socio-economic issues of concern and engage in strategic-based discussions with educators, community stakeholders, political leaders, and policy-makers.
  4. Field Experiences: Participants engage in a one to two-week international trip to meet with government, civic, and academic leaders, gain insight into contemporary issues, and local perspectives of a particular country.
  5. Impact Studies: Participants conduct data analyses and produce impact studies to inform policy change and leadership decision-making.


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